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Puna Candy x White Widow   9-10 weeks    hybrid 50/50ish.


Puna Candy is just fine, and mold resistant so we were' leery about this cross. White Widow is notorious for molding up into mush here in the rain forest. But after testing and the reputation of a stellar breeder fro Washington- James Brown, this WW is super mold resistant and tested at 31.5% THC. So... she go!


This is gonna be a Puna favorite! All locals...dis is da kin kine! “The Dirty Widow” is a classic in Puna and kinda hard to find, but it molds. This widow even puts out some purple phenos after a decade of breeding. Puna Candy already can get very colorful leaves at the end of flowering, especially in the cold. This is a beauty of a plant!

White Candy (Puna Candy x White Widow)