As breeders there is an old saying "Like breeds like".  A fat leaf mom and a fat leaf dad makes fat leaf kids. It's a safe way to breed and stay in the lines. Puna Orange is Puna Diesel (cut) crossed with Agent Orange by TGA. It's our all time favorite. We we had an exceptional PO male and blasted a Puna Diesel cutting back with it's off spring. So this is 2 Puna Stanis...Puna D and Puna O. A solid strain in all catagories. with citrusy overtones and some gass too, this mold resitant producer will make any farmer proud to grow and show. 9- 10 weeks for top shelf with bag appeal. Great for trellis, netting or super cropping. If this is on sale or you wanna play with solid quality...Puna's Pride is all that. 

Puna's Pride