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If you select anything... THIS is a must grab!

We took over 9 Roadkill Skunk phenos, a For Locals Only, a Road to Hana and a Purple Electric selection and pollinated the whole bunch with a Puna Budder stud. The result is a mix that a pheno hunter would die for. These genetics are ALL 4 star, world class- top shelf. The results are truly original...never existed before! Dank, Frosty, fruity, gassy, and truly Hawaiian...vigorous and mold resistant to the max. We are pricing these so affordable it may appear to hood to be true but it's actually just some Aloha from us to the world. ..and the bean counts are 25+ per pack!!


Puna Roadkill Punch (mix pack)

$165.00 Regular Price
$115.00Sale Price
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