Menehune (meh-nay-hoo-nay) were the original inhabitants of the islands before the Polynesians arrived. Whst is legend and what is truth about these people is up for debate butthey were certainly a much smaller human andwere no match for the much larger and stronger Hawaiians.    It is said that the Menehune had to hide in the jungle to avoid the murdurous Hawaiians and only came out at night to avoid detection. They alledgedly would take food and other items while the Hawaiians were fast asleep. Not only were they blamed for missing things when other thungs were non funtional, 'sabotaged' or in a peculiar place or seemingly moved wuthout explaination.   Today, the Menehune are often named to blame for such things but in jest when it is known something less than honest was going on. There are no more Menehune, they we eventually wiped to extinction by the native Hawaiians we know of today... or at least dats da story.   Menehune Cocktail- Electric Purps (Kauai Electric ibl x Purple Kush) x Molokai Snow ibl.    Both of the parents were shorter and broadleaved (Indica dominant). There stature is smaller but their buds are just as fat and strong as is al lof our Hawaian varieties known for their strength and vigor.   This is as close to  Electric Snow (yet to be bred) as we can get with a splash of Purple Kush. Sweet, fruity stank to skunky, earthy spice phenos are to be found. A fast 8 -9week flowering time and super frostiness (from the MS) make this another one of our best indoor selections.  As with the Hawaiian Glo...find the purple pheno and you might have a cup winner! As rare and exotic as are these genetics (limited to 20 packs) these are worth twice the price!

Menehune Cocktail

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