Melekalikimaka is Hawaiian for Merry Christmas... We wanna spread the cheer and the Aloha to all with the very best lineages in this package.  Just for the hlolidaze, we crossed our top strains in this limited colection of AAA quality Hawaiian genetics. Kona Gold, Maui Wowie, Blood Kush, Kauai electric,  White Budder,, '76 Hawaiian Skunk, Puna Glue, Molokai snow, Electric Purps, Da Kineapple OG,  Big Bud, Puna Budder Electric Dieel and from our best, select phenos ...we crossed them all with RKS, Da Kineapple OG, and Kona Gold!   

The results are totally unique and  mind blowing strong with what may be the best tasting smoke you have ever put to your lips!

   These were individually small batches and these are only going to be available throughout the holidays untill they are all gone!!

  Usully our mix packs are ten plus seeds per pack but we are feeling the Aloha spirit and stuffing these with 20 plus bean per holiday pack and they are priced so low they would be a deal at twice the price!

  You will certainly find MANY keepers  so be sure to make clones  and know the males are certaily worthy of using in any breeding projects!   All are 8 to 9+ week finishers and  VERY potent. 

   This is the perfect gift that will delight and amaze for weeks and moths into the next year. 

Simply our greatest deal/value ever!

  It's our way of giving something very, very special to you and yours!

Mahalo and thank you!

Melekalikimaka Mix

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