This t-shirt is everything you've dreamed of and more. It feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. It's comfortable and flattering for both men and women. 

Alenuihaha is the channel between the Big Island and Maui. Known for fierce currents and not for novice sailors this connects the two majestic islands and so does this strain. Kona Gold crossed with Maui Wowee...the two ibls create a strain to be reckoned with. Potent, huge colas and powerful smoke that will have you just staring at the joint. Not for the beginner...this is the best of the best Hybrid vigor will make this a real stand out strain... make room for this one you'll need it. this is some "one toke choke smoke" for sure 9-10 weeks for a Hawaiian hammer.... huge colas will have you saying "wow".

this is a VERY unique cross only found here at B.I.G.


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