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Da Kine of the Month!

"Da Kine" is an expression/word that has several meanings in Hawaii. Often substituted for "the Best" or of the highest quality or importance. Also it's used  a a phase/word of any other word that's right on the tip of yoou tounge. Instead of using general words like thing, stuff, person,  or other noun. It can literally mean anything, even verbs and    adjectives. Often "Da Kine" is used and then immediately followed by the actual kine word intended.  It can  leave many confused at first but before long everybody da kine, learn how to  use it da kine right way. 
   And there's one more common use of the term "Da Kine", and that's for Hawaiian Pakalolo, herb, weed, pot, cannabis, marijuana...simply da kine! Crappy weed is NEVER da kine weed. Only Hawaiian kine is da kine, not da kine California kine. Every month we will showcase "Da Kine of the Month". We will feature this variety for monthly specials at a special price. Every Club Pakalolo Member will recieve  Da Kine of the month  as featured here with an awesome graphic T-shirt sporting Da Kine of the month strain. If you want to know what Da Kine really is, come check out this page every month and  pick up a pack/shirt of  the World's Finest Kine!
Mahalo PP 


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